SandshoreOur vacation involved going from place to place to visit relatives, and truthfully was not very relaxing.  I did luck out and rent a car that my husband really, really loved, which meant he had no problem driving everywhere.  Hence all the progress on my Sandshore cardigan.  I have already reached the ribbing on the bottom!  I then need to pick up all the way around the fronts and knit a 2 inch band, then sleeves.  I have plenty of this yarn therefore I will most likely make full length sleeves.  I am only halfway through my second ball and I bought four balls! 

I hope to get a chance to tell you more about the vacation this weekend, as it was not all bad.  I did get a chance to visit Romni Wool in Toronto, the mothership.  We spent some time in the country which was nice even if it rained the whole time.  Fia visited: 2 great oma’s, 1 grandma, 1 opa, 3 great-aunts, and 2 second cousins.  Whew.  Plus some very nice friends.  I wish I had the time to visit all the other friends that I would like to, but it is so hard with such little time. 


Atelier doing yokeFia has recently decided that she can only sleep if I an somehow attached to her, which has meant that I am in her room sleeping in her bed very often of late.  The pattern has been that I go to sleep for the night, and she wakes up 5 minutes later and starts screaming.  She only falls back asleep deeply enough an hour later for me to creep back to my bed, and is then awake again around 4 am.  Last night was the same pattern, but I just couldn’t get out of bed, so Mr. J. is now in there sleeping with her.  The reasons are multi on her part, but she says she is scared of the big wind we had last night, and ghosts, and so many other things.  When you are 3, so many things are scary.  Onto my new projects, I have cast on for Atelier and am enjoying the simplicity of the yoke knitting.  The colour is so vivid, and I can knit without watching it closely as I watch another episode of Hell on Wheels, my current favorite show.

Starting laminariaI have also finally started a new shawl pattern.  I have so many of these in the queue, and have the yarn already, that I need to be making one or two a year just to use it all up.  This is such a tiny beginning of Laminiria, but all great journeys start with the first step, and the cast on of most shawls is a bit tricky.  Now I am into the simple beginning pattern and things are moving faster.  I have to look at this knitting more often with all the K3tog, so this is reserved for shows I don’t really need to watch.  All for now, I need to go and wake up the rest of the family for the work day.