A Snowy Day Snow Fairy Toque

September 10, 2014

Snow fairy toqueOn Monday it started to snow, and we’ve had enough snow that tree branches are down all over the city, it is well over a foot of heavy wet snow now.  Excellent for snowperson making, which we already did.  I bought Fia a snowsuit on the weekend, and am congratulating myself for being exceedingly clever for that purpose.  I have to go to night and buy her new snow boots.  A summer snow storm indeed.  I tried to go to work today, but the traffic was backed up into the neighbourhood, much less the packed roads outside.  I could barely see 50 m in front of me, but I assumed everything was horribly backed up, so I turned around and came home.  The cars that I could see that were in the ditch were so far down they were practically swimming in the storm ponds, barely visible.  I should feel guilty for not working today, but I am still sick, and I have been sorting out Fia’s old stuff, getting the baby toys packed up and out of the house.  We have too much stuff and she barely plays with any of it. 

Whilst I was sick on Monday I started the Snow Fairy toque with leftover Rowan Cocoon.  I had even bought a fancy fake fur pom-pom last spring for it, but hadn’t gotten around to casting on until a good snow storm gave me the motivation.  It isn’t quite dry yet in this photo, but it covers my ears, and should be warm, with is a good thing in a snow toque!  I like that the grey is neutral, so I can wear any colour scarf with it. 


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