Slogging Through the WIP

September 12, 2014

Lam finished transitionLet me start by saying that I really, really want to start new projects, but I am slogging through my two big WIP’s.  My Laminiria is coming along, I have finished the star chart, and am on the blossom chart!  Eight repeats and then the edging chart!  It is getting that scrunchy look of lace as it gets bigger and cannot be stretched out as far, so prepare to see more orange blobby things until I am done with this.  I was hoping to be completed the end of September, but who knows at this point.  Life is too unpredictable.  I have spent the last few weeks trying to force people to keep to a schedule, so I don’t really feel like enforcing it with my hobby.  But no new lace until it is done!

Atelier to second sleeveI have about half of the second sleeve of Atelier (which means workshop in French, M looked it up at knit night this week, so clever).  I am excited to get to the part where I pick the body up, as it is looking a bit strange at the moment.  I just got another dress (again at Target) that this will look great with, so I had better get going.  This one I am hoping to finish by the end of September.  I have so, so many sweaters planned for the ball!  Two bad I can only really knit one or two!  And in a weather update, it isn’t snowing anymore it is raining.  Yuck.  Happy Weekend.


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