FO: One of the Last Summer Sweaters

September 22, 2014

Three colour sweaterOnly one more to show after this one: my three colour Work + Shelter sweaters.  I am not sure why I was so into summer sweaters this year, but there was a bunch more I was dying to make.  You can only really wear them for 2-3 months here, crazy.

I have liked this easy pullover for a year now, and it looked very flattering on many people.  Once I started seeing 3 colour versions pop up, I was really drawn to one version in particular.  Off to the yarn store, and I chose to look at Berroco Pima Cotton, even though Cascade Pima Cotton would have been good, and they also have the extensive colours that go well together.  I picked out the grey bottom and light grey middle right away, and put a lilac colour with it.  Then I saw this pink.  I also tried a green, and a few others, many of them looked good and if I was made of time I would have a whole fleet of these.  The pink is just so happy and cheerful, I went with it.  This didn’t take long to make, as it is on 5 mm needles, and I have worn it many times this summer.  The cotton is stretching out a bit, but a little wash should fix that.  Good-bye summer, I will miss you.  And please stop telling me this winter will be worse that last year people, I don’t need to year that.


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