Single Skein September – One Quick Kids Hat

September 29, 2014

Sept 29 2014 003This will be the last single skein September project, I can’t believe October is almost upon us.  I’ve made Anja’s hat close to 4 times now, I really like the brim, which you can’t really see in this photo, but it is there, and it is nice.  I took 18 stitches out of the adult size to make this a kids size, but I kept the brim full size so it is nice and full.  The yarn is called Cake from Western Sky Knits, very lovely stuff and a colourway that makes me so happy.  Just enough yarn left over to make a little pom-pom!

It is so hard to get photos of this little non-stop kid, these were all she would “sit still” for, by which I mean I barely snapped the photo while she ran around.  Last weekend she bumped her face on the pavement while playing with her red car.  She has a scratch on and under her nose.  Her teacher told me Fia said she got the scratch by “fighting with a shark, and she had won”.

Sept 29 2014 004


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