And the Last Sweater Post of the Summer

October 9, 2014

Berry from frontThis sweater was my attempt to use up some cotton/silk yarn in a quick project.  I didn’t really succeed, as the yarn and pattern are not a perfect fit, and the sweater is not a perfect fit.  The top button band pulls and gapes, and isn’t all that attractive.  At first the top of the sweater was too tight, but after I washed it in the machine it got better.  Normally I just handwash my sweaters, but this one got thrown in the machine out of frustration.  It worked.  The berry stitch pattern is supposed to open up and be more flexible, which didn’t really work with this yarn.  None the less, I did get a good length, and the buttons are very nice.

Berry from backAlso, the colour is nice, I really like the colour.  I think I will wear it to work today.  I reminded people at work yesterday that if you think of work like a reality show, things are much funnier than annoying.  One co-worker even practiced ripping up sheets of paper and throwing them, which was excellent for our drama quotient.  After all it everyone gets along, and crap doesn’t happen, it would be bad for our ratings right?


One Response to “And the Last Sweater Post of the Summer”

  1. Cheryl said

    I think it looks fine in the photos – if the buttonband gapes too much, just wear it open. (Or you could try lining the buttonband with a grosgrain ribbon.)

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