Musings on Work Conditions

November 7, 2014

Last night I read the “Red Sky” document created by the workers at the famous Canadian radio show that is embroiled in a scandal involving their host at the moment.  Reading over their complaints, I was shocked to realize that it sounded like almost every place I have ever worked at.  It is a new generations cry of disaffection at working in an old style work place.

Today I am remembering fondly my job in Salt Lake City, where my boss delayed my raise by months, and punished me extensively for reporting all the problems we experienced in the field.  He said I was “making” work by pointing out problems, as now someone had to go and fix them.  A co-worker sent me a kind e-mail telling me not to argue with the boss, as you know, the boss is always right.  This is of course the product that they do not make anymore due to too many problems which went unfixed over and over and over and over.  Sigh, if only someone had told them about the problems the first time they happened!

As for work/life balance, that is an extremely common problem when working for old style establishments.  The atmosphere when you work for workaholics is that you should never miss a day, never be sick, come in early and stay late.  Do whatever it takes to get the job done, work outside your job description regularly complete the task, and travel whenever and wherever they need you instantly.  If you do not do this, or refuse, you are always judged and found wanting.

Here is the silver lining: I just called this an old style establishment.  And yeah, I still work for one of these, but they are changing, as they HAVE to change.  They have to change because no one is standing for this type of work place anymore.  Once people have a choice of where to work, they leave and find some place they do feel comfortable.  Plus the people most used to working in and are imposing this type of atmosphere are retiring.

I am the generation in between the two.  I have had to deal with the old style, and I am embracing the new style.  I am pushing out the old style as fast as I can.  Wish me luck that I can do it soon.


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