FO: The Cutest Baby Hat Ever: NutBrown (Green) Hare

November 11, 2014

Finished nutbrown hareThe Nutbrown Hare pattern is originally done in a brown yarn, which is very cute, as brown and babies is a good combination.  I didn’t have any brown yarn, but I did have green, and green is also a good colour for new little babies.

Now Mr. J and I do not like the Nutbrown Hare book, even though we read it very regularly.  It is essentially a big rabbit, whose relationship to the younger rabbit is undefined, one-upping the young rabbit.  No matter what the young rabbit says, the big rabbit always has to say something better and have the last word.  What a bully, and generally unpleasant authority figure.  The poor little rabbit is sure to grow up lacking confidence, and frustrated.  Of course for those of you who have also read Watership Down, the fact that rabbits are unpleasant should come as no surprise.  Here in Calgary we are overrun with large hares, which are currently half brown half white. Mr. J and I are terrified of those bloodthirsty cute little things.


One Response to “FO: The Cutest Baby Hat Ever: NutBrown (Green) Hare”

  1. Cheryl said

    Cute hat… but beware the killer rabbits!

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