Knitting for my Bebe

December 13, 2014

Dragon HoodDragon Hood from sideOr rather, knitting completed and rejected by my baby.  I did have one success this year, her “rainbow” hat as she calls it, and she still does like her sparkly hat from last year.  I was inspired to make these dinosaur hoods, as they are so adorable, and Fia does love dinosaurs, especially the MEAT eating ones.  This is the toddler size, and it is small so I have given it away.  I am re-making the pattern in the child size, as it seems I no longer have a toddler but a child.  Which shouldn’t come as a surprise with how fast she runs, no toddling around here.  This is Lion Brand Thick and quick, and I have to admit a fondness for it even though it is acrylic.  The hoods are fun and quick to make.  The same designer has a bear hood that is very popular at the moment that I may attempt next.  I don’t think Fia will wear that, so I may just be making it to give away.

I also made her what I would consider to be a very cool skeleton vest, which she has refused even to try on.  Sigh.  I am torn between keeping this to see if she will wear it in the future, and just giving it away to some deserving child.  Such a cool pattern, it is a free Bernat pattern.  Normally I would be trying to make Fia something for Christmas and her birthday, but this year I am throwing in the towel.  I will wait to make her things when she can ask for them first, which will prevent me from making things she never even puts on.  Of course there is a skirt pattern that looks very cute, and she may like that, or a poncho?  I was thinking of getting her to pick the yarn.  She has interesting tastes, gravitating towards blue, black and white.  Note the shirt she is wearing in the dinosaur photos, grey, and she loves that one.

The advent calendar was a hit, but too much of a hit.  She has been waking up every day at 4:45 am.  I have been exhausted all week from the early wake-up time.  I am really looking forward to the little break over Christmas, I feel like I get really run down this time of year.  So tired.  Later gators.

Skeleton vest


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