FO’s to Finish the Year

December 31, 2014

It feels like 2014 has been a year of waiting for things to happen that didn’t happen, preparing for events that didn’t come to pass, and goals not achieved as they were out of my power to achieve.  Life has been on hold waiting, decisions have been in suspension until the decision to give up was made.  The decision to give up has not been made, hope springs eternal, even in the face of facts as time.

I have not cleaned the house, I have not finished all my projects, I have not prepared a grand meal or party to welcome the New Year.  I am surviving a sinus/eye/throat/lung infection however, which sometimes is all one can do, plus looking after a daughter and family.  Cooking and cleaning and childcare do not go on hold just because a Mummy is sick.

Fibronerdy shawlI have finished up my December project, featuring a Saskatchewan designer Dollybird Workshop.  I even bought the black Malabrigio lace in Regina years ago.  Glad to have almost 1000 yards out of my stash, and a new warm scarf.  The benefits of this scarf involve long, long sides to wrap around your neck, and a deep enough front to cover up cold noses and chins.

Pointelle SocksAnd a pair of socks!  Yeah me!  This was the oldest yarn on my list, and a beautiful pair of Cookie A socks, Pointelle.  This is BFL yarn from Wooly Wonka, a lovely blend of green and blue colours.  This makes two pairs of socks for the year, which means I reached my goal!

I am over my goal of being under 40 000 yards of stash AGAIN this year, but not as badly as last year.  I will update the stash and report tomorrow!


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