FO: Atelier Cardigan

January 16, 2015

Atelier SweaterI  finished my Atelier cardigan last year, and finally got photos of it, and finally got around to showing you.  This is an outfit I wore to a business lunch before Xmas, which I really like.  The dress is from Target, and a good example of why I am so sad they are leaving Canada, it is a great dress, fits well, has full coverage, and looks like it costs a lot more than I paid.  But I digress.  Overall I do like the cardigan, but the fronts look awkward to me, and I have to keep pulling it closed.  It would probably look better hanging more fully open, but I’m cold all the time.  I can’t wear this sweater unless we have a good Chinook in Calgary.  This is my first MadTosh yarn, in the Pashmina base, in such a beautiful colour.

Today I had the privilege of visiting a slaughterhouse south of Calgary.  Yucky, yuck yuck.  I am so glad I don’t eat beef, and haven’t for many, many, many years now.  It was stinky, dirty, and nasty.  Of course Mr. J just said I smelled like a Slim Jim, which he liked, but I headed to the shower as soon as I got home.  Even slaughterhouses need clean water it would seem for their boilers, which is why we were there.  We saw a piece of leg with bone still it in in the parking lot, stepped on bone, and slipped on fat.  The only good thing is that so much of the animal is used, they have a bone meal, and a fat tallow business.  I much prefer the nice clean meetings downtown these days.


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