WIP: My Ontario Project

February 24, 2015

Bubblemania scarfThe month of February is dedicated to Ontario-which is a province with so much to choose from.  Many, many yarns are made in Ontario, and many designers live and work there.  Many good, good designers.  My project this month is using yarn I bought in Toronto a few years ago from a company named Painted Fleece, and is a blend of wool, cashmere and nylon.  This could have been a pair of socks, but I decided to make a scarf.  The pattern is named “Bubblemania” and I’ve admired it for a few months.  I wanted something lacy, but not complicated as I have the attention span of a gnat at night.  And the energy of a hibernating bear.  I added a ruffle to the end just to finish it off, the cast on edge looked a little bit plain.  The goal is of course to have this finished by the end of the month, and as I have 24 grams to go, this should be possible.  I will stop knitting when I have just under 10 grams so that I have enough for the ruffle.  I have noticed that the stitch pattern of Bubblemania has shown up in a sweater pattern lately, which I may consider making.  It has a very cute vintage look to it.

Here in Calgary we are having weather guilt; while the rest of the east coast is suffering massive snow storms and cold weather, we are riding our bikes outside, and plenty of people are venturing outside not only without parkas but in shorts!  It has been that warm.  How strange is it that Calgary is the tropical capital of Canada?


Twirly SkirtLast year during the Olympics I was so in love with all the rainbow projects.  I was on a yarn diet at the time, and could not indulge in any goodies, just ogle them.  This February it is all rainbows, all the time.  First up is a Twirly Girl skirt for Fia.  She hasn’t liked any of the sweaters I have made her recently, so I thought I would try a skirt, and she loves to twirl.  Can you tell what her favorite colour is by the little hand in the photo?  Green, always first, then blue, then every other colour.  This project is almost 3 stripes in, and is a nice mindless project, so far I have a blue, yellow and green stripe.

Rainbow yarnI was waiting/lurking last year to see if Rain City yarn in Vancouver would have any sales, and Cyber Monday they did!  I swooped in and got one of their rainbow DK packages, with eight different 50g balls.  I am making a Better Breton with the yarn, and so far it is so, so, so pretty and addictive.

Rainbow SweaterI am down to the middle of the waist almost, and racing to get to the next colour.  Next up will be pink, then orange, then red, then teal!  Whoppee!  The arms will have matching stripes.  Fia really likes this one, and is disappointed it is not for her.  I think I will have enough of the rainbow balls to make her a similar sweater, but not sure about the grey.  It will be easy to substitute in another dk weight yarn.  I can see more orders to Rain City Yarn in my future, I’ve seen some gorgeous designs online using their bright colours that I would like to make.

FO: Rhizome Hat

February 2, 2015

Rhizome hat finishedThe Rhizome hat was designed by Winnipeg designer Christina Harris, this was my Manitoba project.  This used almost exactly one ball of Patons Classic wool that I had hanging around.  I do really enjoy that in this KAL I am using up yarn that I have wanted to get to for a long time, and am creating an impressive pile of projects as I do.  This hat has a double brim that I have sewn under to give a nice thick edge over the ears.  I am planning on felting the brim down slightly so that it is very, very tight to my ears to keep those winter winds out.  A very, very warm hat.  I am considering whether it needs a fur pom-pom on top, or a pom-pom in a contracting colour since I have no more of this ball left.

It has been warm in Calgary, even though it recently dipped back down again.  It has been so strange to watch the rest of the country suffer through cold and snow as we leave our parkas behind for some nice sunny days.  Normally it is us suffering the cold!  In that respect, January was a wonderful month, with hardly any bad driving days to work.  In the back of our minds though we knew winter wasn’t done with us yet, that we still had a few more months to go before winter spit us out into spring.  This year I have something big to look forward to – after four long years we are heading down to Moab Utah again.  I cannot wait, I cannot wait.