FO: Rhizome Hat

February 2, 2015

Rhizome hat finishedThe Rhizome hat was designed by Winnipeg designer Christina Harris, this was my Manitoba project.  This used almost exactly one ball of Patons Classic wool that I had hanging around.  I do really enjoy that in this KAL I am using up yarn that I have wanted to get to for a long time, and am creating an impressive pile of projects as I do.  This hat has a double brim that I have sewn under to give a nice thick edge over the ears.  I am planning on felting the brim down slightly so that it is very, very tight to my ears to keep those winter winds out.  A very, very warm hat.  I am considering whether it needs a fur pom-pom on top, or a pom-pom in a contracting colour since I have no more of this ball left.

It has been warm in Calgary, even though it recently dipped back down again.  It has been so strange to watch the rest of the country suffer through cold and snow as we leave our parkas behind for some nice sunny days.  Normally it is us suffering the cold!  In that respect, January was a wonderful month, with hardly any bad driving days to work.  In the back of our minds though we knew winter wasn’t done with us yet, that we still had a few more months to go before winter spit us out into spring.  This year I have something big to look forward to – after four long years we are heading down to Moab Utah again.  I cannot wait, I cannot wait.


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