Wednesday WIP: All the Rainbows

February 4, 2015

Twirly SkirtLast year during the Olympics I was so in love with all the rainbow projects.  I was on a yarn diet at the time, and could not indulge in any goodies, just ogle them.  This February it is all rainbows, all the time.  First up is a Twirly Girl skirt for Fia.  She hasn’t liked any of the sweaters I have made her recently, so I thought I would try a skirt, and she loves to twirl.  Can you tell what her favorite colour is by the little hand in the photo?  Green, always first, then blue, then every other colour.  This project is almost 3 stripes in, and is a nice mindless project, so far I have a blue, yellow and green stripe.

Rainbow yarnI was waiting/lurking last year to see if Rain City yarn in Vancouver would have any sales, and Cyber Monday they did!  I swooped in and got one of their rainbow DK packages, with eight different 50g balls.  I am making a Better Breton with the yarn, and so far it is so, so, so pretty and addictive.

Rainbow SweaterI am down to the middle of the waist almost, and racing to get to the next colour.  Next up will be pink, then orange, then red, then teal!  Whoppee!  The arms will have matching stripes.  Fia really likes this one, and is disappointed it is not for her.  I think I will have enough of the rainbow balls to make her a similar sweater, but not sure about the grey.  It will be easy to substitute in another dk weight yarn.  I can see more orders to Rain City Yarn in my future, I’ve seen some gorgeous designs online using their bright colours that I would like to make.


One Response to “Wednesday WIP: All the Rainbows”

  1. Heather N said

    Yay Moab! When are you coming?

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