Using up me leftovers

September 10, 2015

Varmi slippersI really enjoy using up almost all of a yarn, so that I don’t have to put it into my leftover bin.  I like to have just enough left so that I can keep it in my odds and ends bag in case of repairs needed in future.  After I finished my sweater knitted out of my brown and white lopi yarn from Bragg Creek, I had enough to make a very nice pair of wooly socks/slippers.  I still haven’t gotten a pair of leather soles to fit over these, the search continues.  They are so warm, and I’m waiting for next winters freezing temperatures.  These took some time as I was doing okay until I got to the heel part, which was tricky to figure out.  I did manage to figure out the instructions, and lo and behold they turned out fine!  Another new technique of doing an “afterthought”  foot almost.

Snowflake HatBut then I still had more yarn left, so I made a hat using the snowflake motif from the sock.  I had so much yarn this hat got a HUGE pom-pom for extra awesomeness.  This will be a very warm ski hat, if I ever go skiing again, and is one of my 15 hats in 2015.  One of the reasons we haven’t tried skiing yet is that two years ago my brother broke his leg skiing, and Fia is absolutely sure that if you go skiing you will break your leg.  So she doesn’t want to go.  Still.  Maybe next year!