The Completion of the Canada KAL

November 19, 2015

20150731_082735The Canada KAL finished up in September, but I still have three projects that I haven’t talked about yet!  My Newfoundland project was a headband named Sherwink.  This is named after a location in Newfoundland, but the designer is not from there, nor is the yarn.  A little bit of a stretch, but the judges said okay for this collection of patterns, whew.  I had seen this headband before, and had even lucked out in getting it for free when it was available for a short time.  I used some leftover Pashmina, and I enjoy the result.

20150818_070430My Yukon/Northwest Territories/ Nunavut project was a hat from the talented designer Michelle Krause.  She has a lot of great patterns to choose from.  I had purchased this Noro long in the spring, and it made a really great squishy hat.  I have already given this hat away as a present, which is a tiny bit sad, as it was a nice hat.  But also a great present for an old friend.  The important thing to note about a designer from the north is that they know a thing or two about knitting warm hats.  The double layered deep brim on this hat, plus the close gauge and thick yarn ensure this will be warm indeed.

20150930_075136-1And for my finale project, my Flue by Ewe socks!  Canadian yarn, Canadian (Calgary) designer, Canadian feet, Canadian designed shoes.  These socks have two tiny cables up the side, and a really awesome colourway.  I love how they are not striped, but have little tiny almost stripes.  If you get a chance to look at Two Birds Knitting Co. yarn, or better yet a chance to buy it, snap it up!  The base is very good, tightly spun yarn with a decent amount of nylon, and the colourways are incredible.  I do love my new Fluevogs I got in Winnipeg, they are comfy and very cute.

All in all, a great KAL and thank-you to the Calgary store The Loop for hosting this.  We learned a lot about great Canadian Designers and yarn.  I even won two prizes as the contest went on!  They are having another knit along next year centered around trying new techniques, which sounds like fun.  Instead of having to participate every month you can choose which months to join in, and still be eligible for prize draws.


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