Knitting Group KAL – Starshower!

November 20, 2015

November 20 2015 004My local knitting group was talked into doing a KAL by me, as I really wanted to knit Starshower.  It is the pattern of the spring and summer, and all the cool kids are making it!  I’m not ever going to be cool, but it doesn’t stop me from trying!  I talked M into trying it out, and together we talked a whole bunch of other people in to joining in.  It turned out to be a challenging pattern, especially for those newer to knitting!  New skills included the garter tab cast on, short rows with wraps, lace knitting, keeping track of all those increases, and knitting in the round among other items.  I made mine out of purple Spring Harvest Farms mohair, which is very, very warm, but didn’t have enough yardage to complete the last two rounds.  None the less it is long enough to cover my shoulders and chest, which means it is extra warm!  I am thinking about making this again with a thinner yarn of which I have more yardage, but I haven’t done a final decision on what to use as of yet.  I know some of my friends struggled with this pattern, but I also saw them grow as knitters and learn so many things they thought were beyond them.  I had a lot of fun.  We haven’t drawn prizes yet, but will soon!  We are also busy coming up with plans for another knit along which should start January 1 ish.  For our knit along participants had to start a Starshower, post one picture of it, but not finish it to qualify.


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