The Baby FO Parade!

November 27, 2015

Sheep HatsI am due with a second baby girl in December, and I have been hard at working making some little items for her!  She is a little sheep, so I had to make her a sheep hat.  I made two, as I participated in a swap and sent the second one over to England to another little baby sheep.  This is such a cute pattern, and I cannot wait to see it on our little girl.

BSJ and Elf HatShe also had to have her own Baby Surprise Jacket, and this skein of Blue Moon Sherbert had been hoarded for just such a purpose.  In my mind, this is great baby colours, nice and bright.  I was going to make a more traditional sweet baby cap with the leftovers, but Mr. J commented on how much he loved Fia in her Stella Pixie Cap, so I made one of those instead.  I ran out of yarn for the button band, but a leftover ball of Blue moon in baby blue complimented the Sherbert colour nicely.  The countdown is on for when Baby 2 will make her appearance, she is welcome anytime after Dec 1!


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