The Green FO’s!

December 1, 2015

Nouveau NeThis is the official Baby Layette for our new little girl.  I had the yarn for a few years and so wanted to use it, plus I still do like green for babies.  Originally I was very set on using one of my grandmothers old patterns, as I did for Fia, but then I changed my mind and bought a brand new pattern, the Nouveau Ne layette from the Yarn Harlot.  It uses the bee stitch which took some research to understand how to do properly, but then became natural.  I had to do some adjustment to accommodate the three colours. but I really like how it turned out.

Bunny hatNext up is a bunny hat, using up some old stash yarn that I had left from Fia’s layette.  I don’t know why a bunny would be green, but it is cute none the less.  This  hat is a bit of a pain to make, but the end result is very cute and well worth it.  I need to work on my ribbon bow making skills.