Anne lives in Calgary Alberta, knitting, skating, biking, skiing, and making clean water.  Her two cats, Jack and Piper, keep her entertained, her belly and feet warm whilst knitting.  Just say no to acrylic!!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark F said

    Nice Anne,

    glad to see you are Canada is treating you well.

    All the best for Christmass.

    Mark & Family

  2. Mom said

    Don’t forget the tea cozy you made that we’re still using.

  3. Sandra said

    hi, looking through your site…could you ask you co-worker where she bought the russian cake from the summer? I’m Ukrainian and the cake looks great!

  4. Michele Hill said

    Hi Anne,
    We have a local shop, Desert Threads, where fiber enthusiasts meet. You have been or are coming to Moab, You have likely been to this shop or will want to put it on your list of places to visit in Moab, with your companion knit interest.

    Aside from that, the shop, spinners, wool growers are convening to organize a fiber festival.
    They are thinking of piggy backing the Moab Art Festival May 23, 24 2009.
    If you want to stay tuned in to progress, give Sam(antha) a holler

    Just thought you’d be interested to know.
    Michele Hill
    Moab Travel Council

  5. Jo said

    Love reading your blog! You have such an adorable baby girl! =)

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