This took a few months to finish up, mostly as I didn’t work on it.  A good solid week in San Diego took care of that however!  I made 13 repeats of the lace pattern, and the length is perfect for a good office/spring/fall scarf.  The lightness, softness, and warmth of qiviut are unmatched!

Qiviut Raha finished

I wore this with my summer dress in the office today as the air conditioning was on full blast, which made for a chilly morning.  The natural brown coordinates with many outfits, and is a lovely soft colour.  The pattern is from Lace Knitting of Estonia by Nancy Busy, the yarn is from Cottage Crafts Angora in Quebec, I used one ball of yarn. 

Well, its official: Mr. J and I are shacked up, living in sin, etc.  We’re on Day 2, and so far no one has killed the other yet, in fact I think we’re both enjoying it.  It will be much better once he’s all moved in, and the boxes get out of the garage.  Tuesday was all about moving vans, so yesterday, Canada Day, was very low key for us.  We worked around the house, took it easy, and worked on getting things settled, and stuff put away.  It was also Mr. J’s birthday, so I bought him beer, and made him dinner.  Men can be so easy to please at times!  He already learned a very important family rule (this one goes way back, way before my time in my family) “When ya take a cold beer outta da fridge, youse put a new one in”. 

I hope all my Canadian friends had a great Canada Day, and to all of you south of the border, Happy July 4th!


Can I tell you how much I love my new Cleite triangular shawl, my first triangular shawl?


I love it more than dark chocolate with fruit and nuts, more than chocolate with hazelnuts, or mint chocolate chip ice cream.  With yarn skillfully dyed by Impulse of Delight, and a beautiful, beautiful, pattern from Miriam, the two went together to make magic! 

Close photo of Cleite

Modeled shots to follow hopefully on the weekend.  After all, I have already bought a dress to match the shawl, to wear to the ballet, opera, symphony, or wherever else I need to look fabulous!

I’m thinking of resurrecting the title phrase.  Did anyone ever say this to you when you were a child?  My little niece told me a few times this weekend that she “can’t do it”.  Without even trying.  This was while we were out tobogganing in sub-arctic weather.  (Which may have been a factor, but stick with me here).  This little girl is only three, and in the future she will hear many times that she “can’t” do something.  She “can’t” be an engineer, she can’t ski jump, she can’t do this or do that.  Only a short time ago her options would have been teacher, nurse, or wife.  Because women before her took “can’t” out of their vocabulary women can now choose to be one of those three things, or a doctor, engineer, chef, anything!  When she couldn’t get up we practiced bringing one knee up, two hands on the knee and PUSH! She got up.  When she couldn’t walk up the hill we crawled.  We got up!  My brother is also really good at making her try things before giving up.  However when her mittens came off, and her hands got red instantly, we went home.  We’re empowered females, but we’re also smart enough to know when to call it quits.  We lasted three runs down the hill, Whee!! 

One Christmas present down, a few to go.  This is the cabled beret   (Ravelry link) from the new Debbie Bliss magazine, in Patons soy/wool left over from mitten frenzy:


With the big needles, 5 mm, you can make a lovely thick tam, and the simple pattern can handle a bit of colour change.  I like that you can wear it as a tam, or pull it down over your ears to keep warm.  A la tete:


And as always, now I want one for myself!  I think I have the perfect yarn already…  I’m also planning on running a simple line of crochet around the opening just to hold it together a bit more.  I probably should have used a stiffer cast-on.  I hope the recipient likes it!