Atelier doing yokeFia has recently decided that she can only sleep if I an somehow attached to her, which has meant that I am in her room sleeping in her bed very often of late.  The pattern has been that I go to sleep for the night, and she wakes up 5 minutes later and starts screaming.  She only falls back asleep deeply enough an hour later for me to creep back to my bed, and is then awake again around 4 am.  Last night was the same pattern, but I just couldn’t get out of bed, so Mr. J. is now in there sleeping with her.  The reasons are multi on her part, but she says she is scared of the big wind we had last night, and ghosts, and so many other things.  When you are 3, so many things are scary.  Onto my new projects, I have cast on for Atelier and am enjoying the simplicity of the yoke knitting.  The colour is so vivid, and I can knit without watching it closely as I watch another episode of Hell on Wheels, my current favorite show.

Starting laminariaI have also finally started a new shawl pattern.  I have so many of these in the queue, and have the yarn already, that I need to be making one or two a year just to use it all up.  This is such a tiny beginning of Laminiria, but all great journeys start with the first step, and the cast on of most shawls is a bit tricky.  Now I am into the simple beginning pattern and things are moving faster.  I have to look at this knitting more often with all the K3tog, so this is reserved for shows I don’t really need to watch.  All for now, I need to go and wake up the rest of the family for the work day.


Work and Shelter almost to armpitsI have been working on this non-stop after I got back from Saskatchewan last Friday.  I had purposely not brought it with me so that I would work on a WIP – my Huevos tank which is now just missing a right front.  One more night and it should be done, but I can’t stop knitting my Work + Shelter top.  This is the thing about changing colours, can’t wait to get to the next colour change.  Once I do one more solid stripe of the light grey, I am into the pink which is the only colour for the top of the sweater.  I am very, very excited to finish this and wear it!

Tank minus 1 frontTank top almost finished!!

J's vest with stitchingLook, look, the top stitching is done !  I cannot believe I got it all done, it seemed to take a long time.  I even brought it to the last two knit nights and worked on it there.  Now I can get to work and do the neckband, arm bands and this baby is finished!  It has officially taken forever, I started last September and have worked on it fairly steadily since.  I cannot wait to do other things!  Knitting that is not blue and beige!  Woohoo.  I also finally sewed up a pair of baby booties last night, I had been putting it off and finally just did it!  The baby these are intended for is already born, so must be delivered.  I finished another pair in blue, but delivered them too quickly to take photos.  These two pairs of booties finished off all the yarn from my blue and pink sockhead toques.  All gone from stash!!

Today was my first day riding my bike to work.  Every other day I have been busy, had errands, places to go during the day, been too tired, or it was raining.  It was glorious!  I rode over the Peace Bridge, enjoyed the nice weather, and then had to have a nap after dinner!  I wore myself out!  The first of many bike rides this year I hope!


Vest almost done frontFirst the Beast: Mr. J’s vest is up to the second front neck edge, which is excellent progress and every stitch feels like pulling teeth.  It is so bland and ugh and all I want is self striping rainbow yarn.  Why doesn’t he want a 29 inch self striping rainbow vest?  I hope to be done the second neck front soon, and then will start the sewing of the orange argyle diamonds, which I will pretend is fun.  Then neck and arm ribbing.  The good news is that I am taking all the leftovers out of my stash numbers instead of having to do projects to use up the boring yarn, therefore I am hoping for a huge stash number drop soon!



22 Ruffles

And now for beauty!  This is 22 Ruffles, knitted with Fleece Artist merino plus mohair yarn, the balls of yarn are held together as I knit.  The resulting fabric is soft and oh so warm.  This is almost the perfect shawl pattern, the ends are long enough to wrap around your neck and tie, and there is plenty of shawl to go over your nose and chin on really cold days.

Edge of 22 RufflesI had been trying to think of ways to use the merino/mohair separately in a project, but I just love this fabric and may just knit up my other 2 sets like this.  I think a normal rectangle scarf, and perhaps another one of these shawls for a gift.  I love it!

Vest to underarms!Breaking news, I did not think this would ever happen as I didn’t think this would ever end, but I am to the armpits!  All 19 inches of the body knit, now just 10 more inches to the shoulders!  That is 5.5 diamonds.  I am refusing to think about all the duplicate stitch it will need, but it will be worth it as my husband will wear it every single day next winter.  And perhaps to bed at night as well.

Another WIP is my yarn diet – which is still going strong, no yarn purchased since Boxing Day.  I am averaging 1000 yards knit a month, and am down 4300 yards since I started counting for 2014, which is very, very good.  I am doing a very good job knitting what I have and not buying.  And there is a lot of temptation out there, namely from the self striping sock yarn, which is very hard to resist!

22 Little CloudsI have also started another “easy pick-up quick” project for when Fia is around.  This is a 22 little clouds shawl from a combination merino and mohair, it is a very nice fabric with a lovely halo.  I love the pink/grey colourway from Fleece Artist, so pretty.  I am hoping this will be generously sized, it will look great with my grey spring jacket.  I have a lot of older skeins of lace yarn like this that I am hoping to knit up into nice projects to keep or give as gifts as Christmas.

Sabbatical I still have a number of items on the needles, and yet I’ve cast on for two more big projects!!  I am being very good about doing a certain number of rows on the argyle vest of unending length, and am on the fourth diamond now.  Still around 4 inches to the armpits.  I have taken to calling Mr. J “Mr. 19 inches to the armpits” when I’m ticked at him.  Newly cast on however is Sabbatical, which will be another long term project, especially if I make it nice and long.  I have finished the back ribbing, and am ready to start the lace pattern now.  I am proud of this project, the yarn is from 2007, I bought it in Salt Lake, I’m using some old stash up!

HuevosBut I couldn’t resist casting on a lacy tank named Huevos.  I think it was when I realized this pink trekking sock yarn with bamboo would be perfect, and so far it is.  Or it may have been the few inches of snow we had again this week that made me do it.  I currently have 8 WIP, so I’d better get onto some finishing!  I did steek my Aedi sweater, and am looking for buttons now, hopefully photos this weekend.  I am wearing it a lot due to this chilly damp weather.  I do hope the weather is nice where you are!!

argyleAs I type this I am listening to my neighbours chip away the ice and snow in their backyards, trying to recover their lawns, and hopefully prevent all that melted water from joining them in their basements.  Our house has always been good and moisture tight, but I’m not sure we have ever had the swimming pool in the yard like we have this year, it went over certain little girls fish boots this weekend.

I am talking about WIP early this week, or else I will never get it up.  I had renewed enthusiasm for the argyle vest, but I can feel it waning again.  So incredibly boring, and why do men like such plain colours?  Boring.  I am just about to finish the third diamond, and I figure I have another 1.5 until I hit the underarms.  Then another ten inches up to the shoulders, but a V-neck should decrease the amount of knitting right?  The finishing on this is going to be killer with the top sewing of the orange diamonds.  Ack.  I think I am going to start a sweater for myself, after I finish the steek on my Aedi sweater.  Finish before starting right?

An Early WIP Post

March 10, 2014

Lopi SweaterWith my Olympic sweater finished and worn a few times already, I went back to working on my other bulky sweater, my Aedi in local Bragg Creek Lopi.  The original design was for 3 colours, but I only have two, but I do think it has turned out nicely.  I have actually bound off the top of this now, so it is onto finishing.  I need to Kitchener the armpits, sew in ends, sew down the collar, and STEEK the front.  I am planning to do a crochet edging on the front which is new to me, therefore I need an hour or two to concentrate on the computer.  That means I won’t be back to this before next weekend.  I would like to sew a zipper in at that point, I do love a sweater with a zipper opening.  The bottom edge is rolling, I may be taking that out and redoing it with ribbing as well.

Brass ShawlAs we went away for my birthday weekend last weekend, I remembered that the previous year I had bought this fabulous Ombre yarn in the Moab colourway.  And isn’t it a shame that I haven’t made anything with it yet?  After much hemming and hawing and changing my mind I am doing a simple triangle shawl with eyelet rows at the colour changes.  I put the turquoise near my face, and the orange will be along the bottom.  I have a few more things on the go, and I plan on spending the rest of the month cleaning them up and working on a swap item before casting on the next BIG, BIG sweater next month.  It is BIG on little needles, oh boy!!

And We’re Off!

February 9, 2014

Cocoon sweater We’re only two days into the Olympics, and I have cast on and almost finished the back of my sweater!  This is the creatively named “3/4 Sleeve Pullover” from the Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue.  The back is very boring, but the front and arms have a lovely cable lace pattern.  I had hoped to get a lighter colour, but this is what the yarn store had in enough quantity.  It is a lovely blue/grey, the mohair in the Rowan Cocoon is silvery and it is lovely to work with.  I have another sweater made with a wool/mohair blend and it is holding up well.  So far our family has been watching some of the Opening Ceremonies, figure skating (of course), women’s hocky, moguls (which Fia LOVED), some sliding sports, long track speed skating.  It is wonderful, we love these winter sports.

WIP: October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

Cowl Yoke SweaterI have finally, finally pulled out and starting knitting some of the MadTosh I have squirrelled away in the basement!  This it some lovely Vintage in the colourway Night Bloom, which is a good change from my normal blue/green choices.  I am knitting a pattern called the “Cowl Neck Vest”.  I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it as it looked so very, very warm.  Picture me sitting on the couch in the winter with the 13″ cowl pulled up to my eyes, barely able to see out, knitting away.  I am going to have the warmest chin/nose combination in Calgary!  This photo was taken before the weekend, I am almost down to the bottom of the yoke now.  Once I separate off the sleeves I will be in good shape!  I may even finish this after the end of next weekend!  Which is good as I have another sweater ready and waiting in the queue, which should be even warmer and woollier!!  In summary: I love being warm in the cold, cold winter.