First of all, thumb your nose at all the stinky cars waiting in line and zip on by!

Head along the Bow River and navigate between the cyclists, roller-bladers, dog walkers, runners, and what on earth are those people doing people.  Appreciate cute men in Lycra shorts.  Head over to the north side of the river over the pedestrian bridge.  Note how the river level is dropping, and the clarity is improving, which means the spring run-off is coming to an end.

  Watch out for all the geese and goslings!  The path winds along the river almost the whole way home, and has only a small portion on streets shared with cars (100 ft).  After getting the up close and personal view of the river on the right the path continues in the distance, but you can’t see it because of all the trees etc!

We are ending the level portion of the trip, and coming into Bowmont Park, where things start to look a bit up!  Over in the distance is the ski jump at the Calgary Olympic Park:

  Almost half way now, here is one happy commuter: I was never one who could manage to look uber sexy and exercise at the same time.  If anyone knows this trick, please write a book for the rest of us.

My neighbourhood is up on the hill way over there:

  Just go through these trees:

Ting, ting, ting, coming through!  And my favorite part, the hill home:

Now this is the part where you call me crazy, blame it on living in Salt Lake for too long.  Hills like this are great because you can whiz up them in a mid level gear, it gets a bit steeper when you get around the corner there.  Its great for getting your heart rate going, but not exploding it out of your chest.  Whew, am I tired, dinner and couch time for me!