But more on that later.  Right now I’m tired since we got back so late last night.  I think someone added extra highway when we weren’t looking.  First and foremost, I had a great time.  I’m so glad we stopped at the Fiber Fair in Idaho Falls, or was that the Fabric Fair?  Miss J got on tv!  Yes I pushed her, but she had been saying just before how photogenic she is!  And she proved herself to be Queen of the Soundbites, it was perfect! 

We had some um, trouble finding the fair, since um, I had written the coordinates down wrong.  But we also had a map, which turned out to be correct.  But you know, getting lost is the best way to see things you wouldn’t normally see.  Instead of saying I’m lost, I prefer to call it “looking around a bit”.  Near the highway, somebody had built this *lovely* fountain:

I think I can see the thought process, but at some point it went horribly wrong.  They started with “Let’s have two eagles to show our patriotic spirit!.  And add a mountain lion cause they are cool.  And what about having a giant water fall, like you know, Idaho Falls!”  But then it just got big, and horribly wrong.  And in a part of the country with water problems that are only getting worse.  And yes, people who paid for this fountain, people are stopping to take photos of it, but not for the reasons you think.  But we were awestruck!

More later on, right now I’m going to concentrate on riding my bike home without falling asleep!