We do believe it was the first one ever for Calgary, but it was the third for this knitter.  I have fond memories of the Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake, and last year at the Festival with David, the first and last time I had a long enjoyable conversation with him one on one.  He was such a nice sweet man.  But I digress; this year we went downtown, and sat along the bike/walking path that lines the south side of the Bow River.  I had forgotten that there were benches all along this area of the trail, and had strapped my camping chair to my bike and took off.  I’m glad I had brought it in the end as it allowed me to be strategically placed in the sun.  It was a day where you were warm in the sun, but a bit chilled in the shade.  To our great delight, we met some new friends, all joined by Ravelry.  For me it was an interesting experience to be introduced first as a name, then as a user name.  Hi I’m Anne, I’m Knittingunderwater.  Any day where we meet new knitting friends is a good day in my books!

We were entertained by the local scenery; a couple who have been married 54 years celebrating their anniversary by giving out cookies, a local music duo, and what appeared to be a pedophile making ballons animals that was checked out by three policemen (cute!) who must have been okay cause they didn’t arrest him.  Plus assorted bikers, scooters, rollerblades, runners, walkers, dog walkers.  And, to me the most special of all, people who stopped to ask what we were doing, and to admire the various knitting and spinning going on.  That, at the essence, is the purpose of Knit In Public Day!  To bring those closet knitters, spinners, and crochers out into the open air!  Unite!