I always hope it won’t be another angst Wednesday, and then it always is.  Therefore one must put off starting to work by blogging, much preferable!!  This week I’m working on a sweater, a charity project (to be shown a bit later in the week), an almost finished Cleite (so close to the end, can’t stop working on it!), and a fishnet stocking:

Foot of first fishnet stocking

It doesn’t look like much does it?  In fact it looks downright strange.  It is my first provisional cast-on toe, and the heel is done in the same manner, which to me is rather weird and unheel like in shape, but I’m trusting in the pattern.  In the pattern we trust so to speak.  The mesh part of the foot is interesting, and goes quickly, but the problem is whether the pattern measurements are stretched or unstretched, and for how big a foot they actually are for!  I’ve resorted to taking the thing off the needles on a piece of scrap yarn a few times to try it on.  I know that the lace will stretch open on blocking, and superwash always stretches as well.  That means the tight fit of the stocking now is actually good, it will be a comfy fit once washed.  But for now it still looks weird! 


I’m going to be picking on poor Saskatchewan for the summer, as we’re doing a lot of work in that province, and I’m going there again in June, once or twice at least.  Its also a rather interesting place, almost like Wyoming, a law unto itself.  Examples of town names: Village of Love, Peepeekisskiss, and my favorite: Penser.  (A verb, to think in French).  That sounds like a great place to go meditate and figure stuff out.  My favorite slogans:

Craik: The friendliest place built by a dam.  (Okay, if it wasn’t built by a dam, would it still be friendly?  Are other places built by dams less friendly?  How do they know?)

And one I learned yesterday from Mrs J.: Biggar SK:  Texas may be big, but we’re Biggar!


Daffodil Wednesday

April 1, 2009

But sadly the only daffodils are inside, part of a fund raising drive for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Watching them open over the last day has cheered up some of the winter blues, but hasn’t taken the chill out of my bones that this morning’s snow brought.


I don’t have many exciting photos of works in process, as a few items are *almost* there.  The cabled tank needs a turtle neck and arm bands, the yellowberry scarf needs another 10 inches, my blue knee high shooting socks have their first heel.  Therefore the photos would look like last weeks, with just a bit more.  In anticipation of starting a grown up February Lady’s jacket soon I’m making a lovely baby one first that is adorable so far.  This jacket was originally meant for a baby that is much too big now, therefore I’m making it in anticipation of the next baby.  Yes, I’m stock piling baby gifts so that I have something to give when the baby is actually born, rather than one year later when it doesn’t fit anymore.  Brilliant eh? 

Its amazing how noisy my 14th floor office actually is.  None of my co-workers are in yet, but from outside I can hear the train going by, and the noises of the construction site banging away.  The cars are zipping by, looking small from up here, but no honking horns, that would be rude to us Canadians.  Well now, my boss has arrived, and the coffee should be ready.  Work is busy, and I’ve got a number of sticky problems to sort through, most of which involved the two dreaded P’s: politics and personality.  Off I go!

With a title like that, let’s just show the yummy yarn eh?


Yum, raspberry chocolate ice cream colour!  I do believe the name of the yarn is more like rose and chocolate, but I can’t help but have my sweet tooth act up whenever I see it.  I believe it is destined for a scarf, and I have a pattern in mind.  It will be a great office scarf, and go with tons of outfits.  Karen of Sleeping Dragon yarn is a talented dyer.  Make sure you check her stuff out when you are around Utah.

I did not get a whole lot of vacation knitting done due to extreme amounts of outdoor activities, and the resulting eating and sleeping that went along with that.  We did watch episodes of the first season of X-files in the cabin, which certainly explained a lot of my superstitions.  “See, when you work late at night alone in an office someone crawls out of the air duct and eats your liver!”.  I watched them all ten years ago, had them imprint on my psyche, its fun to watch them anew.  (Also why I have to look into the hole of a porta potty before peeing).  The cabled tank is coming along, I’m up to the arm pits on the front now:


I am going to run out of yarn since I did lengthen this, but I’m waiting to see if I need one or two more balls first.  My knee high shooting socks are coming along:


I bought this yarn a long time ago, it was my first real sock yarn.  Before I discovered I don’t particularly like stripey sock yarn.  The pattern is simply giving some texture, and is okay, but not the best evah.  The garter stitch parts are giving some thickness to the sock that will help it be warmer, rather then if I had just used straight ribbing.  I’m almost down to the heel now on sock #1.  I think the next pair of socks will be regular length, rather than all these knee socks!  I do know I’m going to wear these around the house with my jean skirt all the time.  We’ll see if they make it outside other than under jeans. 

Is anyone else excited about the figure skating on tonight?  Its the mens final and Patrick Chan is in a close third after the short.  I hope he does well and skates clean, he’s such a sweetie.  Mum and I are going to cheer him on tonight for sure, 6:30 pm Calgary time!!

A Whiny Wednesday WIP

February 18, 2009

Since I have been away from home a week now, I’m feeling rather whiny and homesick.  However, one must look on the bright side and make the best of things as I am doing another road trip tomorrow to north of Regina to a reserve in order to visit their water plant.  I will try not to obsess about my little kitties at home being so lonely with no one to pat them and rub their tummies.  I miss them!!! Whine, whine, whine.  (I am now conveniently forgetting the cat sitter that visits them every day).

As always I have been knitting away on some of the 5 projects I brought with me.  There was of course a possibility I would have finished them all and run out, but so far I am well stocked.  Most of the work has been on the Yellowberry scarf, which is now around 40 inches long.  As I’m still on my first skein, I am slowing down on this as I plan to make the slouchy toque, then use the rest of that 2nd skein to see how long I can make the scarf.  And to make the pom-pom’s for the end.  I like the right side of the scarf:


 But I like the wrong side even better, the raised texture can be seen of the blueberry stitch:


I am also concentrating on my evening stockings which are coming along well:


The lovely hotel people are doing my laundry for me, can’t wait to get my clean pj’s back!  I’m trying a motel with kitchenette this week instead of the monastery.  So far microwave popcorn wins, as much as I liked my little room there.  I miss my bed, whine!!!  Sorry, that one slipped out.  I’ll do better now.

So far that is.  The last two Wednesdays have not been so pleasant, but this one so far is shaping up to being a nice day, with lots of work sent out the door to the customers.  Our customers like it when you (finally) send them things like prices and descriptions of equipment. 

My evening stockings are coming along quickly, considering the last few pairs of socks I made took around 3 months to complete.  The first one is almost at the toe shaping now:


I tried it on last night and it fits tightly, which is good as the Kroy tends to loosen when washed. 

The Pom-Pom sweater had a bit of a rough weekend, as I seemed to have a mental block about the lace on the top of the yoke.  At one point I realized that five rows down I had stopped doing the lace pattern about halfway around, and had switched to straight knitting.  I can only surmise that after a bathroom break I messed up or something like that.  Sunday evening involved going back five rows, and then reknitting them, for a sum total progress of 2 rows at the end of the weekend.  I seem to have a handle on it now (about time) and hope to finish up in the next day or two.  The beauty of the yoke is that I’m decreasing a lot now and things go much quicker! 

I have been impatient lately as I have no check-marks on my yarn diet chart.  But I am telling myself that checking off a sweater is huge progress, and I shouldn’t be so upset, after all life is way too short.  But perhaps if I finish the sweater, and knock off a quick hat in bulky yarn this weekend I’ll have two check-marks by the end of January and life will be good?  I think so.

Make it Stop WIP Wednesday

January 14, 2009

First off, a bit of an update as I haven’t had one lately.  The large project I’ve got on the needles of course is the Pom-Pom sweater, which is an incredibly boring two sleeves and the beginning of the body in cream wool, stocking stitch and rib:


On the body I cast on for the medium size, and then about 2 inches above the ribbing I’ve decreased down to the small size to give a bit of shaping and accomodate my particular body shape.  In about ten inches of stocking stitch (perhaps done this weekend watching the Canadian Figure Skating Championships?) things will get more interesting with the yoke knitting.  The sleeves took awhile as they were uber boring as well, but they are done now!  The lace scarf cast-on was also an attempt to provide a bit of variety in the knitting, for when I got really bored of the stocking stitch. 

I’ve started a new travel project, which are knee high socks of course.  These are the Evening Stockings for a young lady from Nancy Bush Vintage Knitting in Patons Kroy:


I’m tooting along on these, doing calf decreases and loving how the cuff and lace details are turning out.  They are going to be nice and warm once done, and I can’t wait.  I think I’m making good progress on them, as they’ve grown about 4 inches since last week.  The photo is a bit fuzzy, but that is how I’m feeling today.  That feeling of I know I have so much work, and need to work harder and harder to get it done.  But doing the work is like alternately shoving pins in my fingers, or knitting on white sleeves that are boring but have to get done.  Just like this:


Blah! I say!  Can I go out and play in the lovely fluffy snow now?  Thanks!

Wednesday WIP – Only One!

October 22, 2008

Okay, two if you count the Blue Hoodie that I’m once again ignoring.  Poor Blue Hoodie.  But for its first appearance on da blog, Forecast is quite far along, I’m currently finished the sleeves, and am working on the last bit of the body.  It will be interesting to see if I have enough yarn, as I’d like to make sure the sweater is long enough to not hit at the tops of pants, but sit an inch or so below.  I’m aiming for the top of my hip bones.  I’m still enjoying making this, and the fact that when I’m done knitting, I need to sew in a few ends, block it, and sew up the arms means finishing is minimal.  Pretty cool I think.  There was a note in the pattern that you could make the sleeves in the round, but I wanted the extra strength of a seam to keep the sleeves from stretching out too far.  I have shorter arms and too long sleeves are annoying to me.

Hey, who’s stealing my last ball of wool?

Piper says “It must be the boy”.  Ha!

I’m predicting this sweater will be done this weekend, unless I run out of wool that is.  Next up is some overdue gift knitting.

I’ve got a few projects now that are in the almost, just about, pretty much there phase so I’m eager to get them done and start wearing them.  I did finish off my Potamus socks last night at the SNB, and they fit really well.  I thought I looked really cute in my pj’s and socks, but declined to take any photos you will be happy to know.  Tonight is much more appropriate for a good photoshoot in the garden!  Here is the current pile o’ WIP:

1) Anais: I’m up to the front neck shaping, and it should go lickety split from here on out.  I think I’ll get to the cool lace inserts this weekend!  Now I just have to figure out what I have to wear it over, or if I need to acquire a new top that is more appropriate. 

2) Pink Scarf:  I need to get cracking on this with the cool mornings we’ve been having.  Its going to be perfect to wear with my nylon trench coat as I run to catch the bus.  Scratch that, as I leisurely make my way to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare!  Its going to get undivided attention after Anais is finished up.

3) The Brudha hat is coming along again, and will be my travel project for a little while.  I’m just finishing off the ribbed cuff, so I don’t know yet whether Plan B will be successful, or Plan C, or a Plan D needs to be formulated.  Again, this is going to be great on those fall mornings coming up.  Can I wear a purple hat and pink scarf?  Fashion Police?  Sigh, they don’t teach engineers fashion, just lotsa math!

Actual WIP Wednesday!

July 23, 2008

And by actual I mean here are pictures of myself actually working on stuff in progress.  It was Tuesday night, but I think it will be alright? 

First off, something not pictured, but you can see it in the background is the lace cardigan.  I just need to set in the sleeves and sew up the underarms and I’m done.  Then the great button hunt begins.  And since I live in the buttonless tundra that is Calgary, it may take awhile…  I’m not sure if I will get to this soon, as its not coming with me to the race this weekend.  Maybe next week it will be done? 

My Potamus sock is coming along, and I have high hopes sock #2 will be done this weekend. 

There is Piper, proudly surveying her territory from my lap.  If you asked her, I’m sure she would claim it was her lap, and then loudly state that her lap should be horizontal much more often then it has been lately.  Most nights, when I claim to be at home drooling on the couch, I look like this!  I was inspired last night by those people taking a photo of themselves everyday on Flickr for the 365 day project.  I have no urge to join that project, its just fun to play!

I did cast on for Anais, and its almost up to the armpits on the back.  I will be taking this with me this weekend in case I finish the sock.  I don’t think I finish it in time for the Sunday finish of the Tour, but it won’t take me much longer after that as its going quickly.  Its been awhile since I’ve only had stocking stitch to do and no pattern.  Woo hoo!

I am so talented that I can knit, watch tv, pat a cat, take a photo, and not be ashamed to show my double chin online!  Note the bad posture as well, I think its time for a new sofa!


Now if some of you are bored, and looking for a quick summertime project that won’t make you too warm, how about knitting a dictator?  Ha!  And please note, someone sent me that link, I don’t read that blog!  Knitting blogs only, and PG-13!

2nd Quarter Report

July 17, 2008

It is a  bit late as it is already the middle of July (where does the time go!) and I have to admit, I’ve been avoiding the issue.  The main reason being is that I have 3 projects that could be almost done if I just had another week or two.  But the books must be closed, the tally must be reported or the stockholders will lose confidence, and we cannot have that! 

The final 2nd quarter results, audited and everything, are a 28% completion!  Now that is very good, and above projections made last quarter.  It is obvious that the pact is having a positive effect, and the reduction in yarn stashing is good. 

The sleeves of the cardigan are finished, and I’m working on the neckband.  Two seams have even been sewn up, Woohoo!  I’m hoping to wear this to SNB next Tuesday night!  Unfortunately Anais has not been cast on yet, but it is imminent, let me tell you.  Like maybe tonight.  My exciting plans for tonight are to go home and sit on the couch, which is why I think it may be imminent.  There is only so much of rib 7, turn, rib 7 turn a girl can take.  And I realize this would be the perfect time to learn how to knit backwards, but that is too much effort!  Besides, when I sit on the couch I’m very busy admiring mens backsides in their spandex shorts in the Tour.  Oh, and their legs!