The Olds Fibre Week that is, which even though the Vendor area is in the maintenance area for the College, and the decor is sadly lacking in ambiance, the vendors came through for those of us just up for a few hours to shop.  (Aside: once again the weekend weather was lovely, and the grounds are gorgeous, why oh why does someone not rent these people tents to get them out of the machine shop???) All the vendors has wonderful items on offer, but I spent all my money in two places, which is a tad predictable for me.  I also got to see just how big my shopping bag could stretch:

Bag full of Olds Yarn

Erynn from Twist of Fate traveled out from Kamloops bringing lotsa goodies.  Her booth was Extremely Lovely, she brought so much nice stuff.  I managed to get the two presents taken care of early, picked up a beginners spindle kit with fibre, and a Sabine shrug kit:

Sabine Shrug

The yarn is already wound into two balls, ready to go, I’m very excited about this! 

The next rave is about the Wild Geese booth.  The lady who runs Wild Geese was unfortunately at a class while I was there, but her fill in was very helpful.  Working closely with the processing mill in Biggar SK, they have been developing some really interesting yarn.  The first item I picked out was a laceweight: it is a black fibre spun with green fibre.  You can barely see the green, but I think you will see it more once it is knit up:

Black laceweight, wild geese

Can you see just the hint of green fibre peeking out?  Also on display were black/blue and black/purple.  Second up in irresistible treats was some of her worsted weight, I bought a sweaters worth:

WG Sweater yarn pile

I’m thinking an EPS with the pink yoke detail, with some lace thrown into the yoke as well, as I love the fit that that gives across my shoulders.  The beauty of this yarn is the different fibres that go into its construction.  I had to take it outside into the natural light to truly see all the nuances.  Natural grey fibre, with small quantities of blue and pink fibre thrown into the mix:

Close up WG sweater yarn

There seems to be a beautiful relationship going on between the local fibre producers, yarn designers, and fibre mills in this area of the country, and I’m loving it all.  Is it any wonder I was so excited to head up to this show to see what was on display?  I was so impressed by what I walked away with, and by all that I sadly had to leave behind.  Each one of us shoppers displayed great restraint and discipline in that cold, echoing maintenance shop, and I’m proud of us all!


Tomorrow we go back to work with all the tasks we meant to do with our time off done or undone.  Hopefully we go back recharged and ready to face another year of deadlines, trips to northern Saskatchewan, the States, hopefully Europe, and wherever else fate takes us.  I learned a long time ago not to count on much until you are on the plane, or on your way, as life loves to throw curve balls.  This is why I never buy a guidebook until the last minute.  This year I go back refocussed on working really, really, hard, as I need to.  Our company is new, we will be two years old in the spring, and we need to break even or hopefully make money.  Its really important, as I would like to keep working for this company, and not be thrown out to look for a new job.  I kind of like my job, office, and co-workers. 

I also conceived of a new goal today, and though it may be a silly goal, and perhaps unachievable, I think I will still hug it and call it mine.  I want to do a triple jump.  Right now I’m in the midst of reworking my jumping style, and its going slowly and a bit painfully.  (Kicked my leg today doing a jump, no blood, but a huge bruise is coming up.)  But I think I’m learning the “right” way to do them, and if that is the case, with the right technique finally I should be able to squeeze in tighter, jump higher and make a double jump a triple jump.  It may not be this year,  it may not be next year, it may not even be by my fortieth birthday.  But I was talking to other women in the club talking about 55 year olds doing triples, and it doesn’t seem that unreachable after all.  Why should I assume that only 18 year olds, or twenty year olds can do this?  Why can’t I?  I think I just may be able to. 

Boxing Day in Canada is celebrated with sales, big sales.  In the “olden” days Boxing Day involved the whole store being 50% off, along with the gate-crasher specials.  In Calgary there were 4 knitting stores having sales, two on Boxing Day, two the day after.  On the 26th we hit the two, but the best one for me was on the 27th at Pudding Yarn.  I was looking for mostly sweater quantities of yarn, and boy did they have it.  Each store was almost all 20-30% off everything.  I’m sure they put some stuff away, but there was still more than enough to please (some a bit much). 


But all that gluttony comes with a price, the yarn diet.  At first I dreamed up an easy one, but then had to reconsider when I remembered the gluttony.  Then I made a chart (cause I love charts):


That’s right, the diet ends when there are red check marks on each line, four of each, sweaters, scarves/shawls, socks, and small projects.  I also made up a list of pretty much every yarn project in the stash, no cheating this time.  Its long.  It is also in my day timer, so when you see me in a meeting, studiously examining my day timer, this is what I’m probably looking at.  Shush, don’t tell!

On your mark, get set, go!

Weekend of LUV!

June 30, 2008

I had a deliriously happy weekend, the kind that made me sing, giggle, dance, and generally radiate happiness from every pore.  Was it the lovely weather?  The fun activities?  The fact that I finally put curtains up in my bedroom?  I don’t know, some days you just feel good all over.  On Saturday the lovely raven haired Mrs. R and I traveled up to Olds for the Fibre Festival.  I think I’m a bit spoiled by the lovely setting of the Great Basin Fiber Fair, as I thought this one was a bit weird as it was in the maintenance shop of the College.  Which is strange, as Olds College had lovely grounds full of flowers, shady spots, and would have been perfect for some outdoor tents.  But the maintenance bay was full of fibery goodness, and the lovely Erynn of Twist of Fate fame:


After going through the booths we sat down and had a bit of a knitting/spin along in the middle of the floor, which was very nice.  We had a good time catching up (Erynn moved to Kamloops and has opened her own shop there) and giggling over dirty words in fiber related activities.  There are surprising number of them! 

Ahh, but what about the booths you ask.  Well, lets just say I fell head over heels in love!  From across the floor I saw it, and walked as if in a daze towards the display.  My hands (both of them together) went out and dove into the furry goodness that is Fleece Artists Peter Rabbit:


I immediately brought both skeins up to my face and buried myself in it.  Oh the softness of the angora!  The beautiful delicate yellow of the colour.  The warmth of its fuzziness.  Swoon!  You shall become a lovely big scarf and I shall call you Peter Rabbit.  Too bad its too hot to do more than constantly stick my fingers into your loveliness, but soon you shall become what you are meant to be!  And you are mine, all mine!

After much thought (cause there was lots to choose from, cashmere/silk, cotton/silk, wool/silk) I finally settled on 1500m of laceweight yak/silk in the natural colour:

That is enough yardage to make any number of shawls or stoles! There may have been another purchase, but I’m not saying!  I did a pretty good job of staying within budget, which is good as there were many temptations at this show!  (Yes that’s you I’m talking about the 600 yards of 100% natural grey wool!)

But my second love came to me on Sunday night, which meant I didn’t sleep very well last night due to the excitement.  Introducing Bella, my beootiful new bike which has arrived (almost ) direct from Italy!

Si Bella!  Welcome to Canada!  It is hard not to talk in a fake Italian accent around this bike, so I’m just going to go ahead and do it k?  After it was delivered I hopped on in my bare feet and rode around the street twice.  I could have kept going around and around!  This is a bike to cruise on, and is such a joy to ride.  Bella, tonite we are going to get you a basket and a cappuccino holder!  Then we will cruise up to the market to get some picnic foods for tomorrow’s Canada Day celebrations.  And next Sunday, we’re going to the farmer’s market!  We are going to have so much fun together you and I.  That beautiful blue colour, its called Celeste!  But pronounced kind of “cheleste” a la Italian! 

Ciao Bella!



Bogged Down

June 24, 2008

In lace cardigan land that is.  I mean I love the pattern (even though parts of it are “fill in the blank” and I wouldn’t recommend it to new knitters) but I just want to start making so many other things!  And I want to wear my lovely cardigan.  I’m currently working on the first sleeve, and since they are full length sleeves I’m estimating they will each take a week each of fairly dedicated effort.  Ugh! 

In order to create a diversion, and an excuse to start something new, I applied to join the Tour de France Knitalong.  I asked to be in the Maillot Verte category, which means I’m going to try and finish something before the end of the Tour!  It will also go nicely with my month o bike training that I’m hoping to do when it stops raining.  Double Ugh!  I’m currently planning to use the four skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light I recently received from the lovely Mrs. Chuky (received not bought, hence pact unbroken!)

And what I learned this morning is that taking photos in my bathroom means that a beautiful teal turns into green.  So please use your imaginations to know that this is a beautiful teal heathery mix!  I promise better photos in sunlight with true colour, honest.  So the project should have something to do with France, or biking, or some kind of link.  The current plan is to make Anais (which sounds french n’est-ce pas?), and I should have enough.  It also looks flattering on 98% of people on Ravelry, which is always good.  (And its not so big, since it is sans bras (bras is arms in french, so that ain’t dirty ya’ll)). 

I’m also looking forward to creating a baby present with these two lovely skeins of candy goodness:

I do so love it when friends are obliging when they have baby girls so that I can use the cute Koigu colours and make a February jacket! 

So two sleeves to go, or July 5, whichever comes first!  And I think we know that the race will start before those sleeves are done, don’t we?

Hello 35!

March 3, 2008

I had a lovely mellow birthday, a bit of riding, a bit of snow, a  bit of strong wind gusts blowing the tumbleweeds around.  Add some champagne, some chocolate cake, a margarita, some lovely friends, yarn, and it couldn’t get much better. 


The lovely cream coloured wool is from sheep around Moab, and the green wool (with flecks of yellow and blue) was spun locally.  Very locally.  In fact it was spun exactly 1 meter from where the yarn was displayed by a lovely lady who ran the shop.  Mrs. Chuky and I are already discussing ideas for the cream scarf, which of course will have a pattern reminiscent of Moab and environs.   The green yarn needs a simple textured pattern, nothing too complicated or it will get lost. 

And here is my birthday photo for my parents:


I would like Mum to note that I’m wearing my full face helmet, and my shin pads like a good girl!  This photo was taken at the top of Amasa Back trail.  As I turned around to take the photo I noticed the huge cloud of mist coming towards me, which could have contained snow or rain.  (It had snow in it).  So after a quick photo-op I headed back down as quick as Buck would roll.  (My bike’s name is Buck, since he’s done bucked me off so many times).   Moab is as great as ever, and I hope to enjoy some nice hiking tomorrow.  My 35 year old body is a bit tired and sore after two days of biking and needs some time to recooperate.  But it is a very happy body, that cleared some cool ledges today, and even jumped off a few rocks!