Hunting for Robins

June 1, 2009

In the backyard that is, good for the robins the two great hunters are still behind a screen window:

Hunting kitties

But not for long as the fence is due to be finished off this week.  The two sides of my yard are fenced thanks to the neighbours, so all I have to do is replace the chain link fence at the end with a lovely 6 foot fence that should keep the great hunters close to home.  I don’t want them roaming the neighbourhood due to cars, coyotes, giant killer rabbits etc.  (We have HUGE jackrabbits in our neighbourhood, which are really, really, cute until you remember reading Watership down, and seeing the movie at a young impressionable age, and then you get really scared.  Rabbits are bloodthirsty!!).  Its tons of fun to watch the kitties making their hunting noises, and wiggling their butts around in their pre-pouncing dance as the robins trip in front of them in their carefree innocence.  Little do they know the danger that lurks just above…  Once the cats can go out in the yard then I’ll get to watch them chase bugs, each other, and anything else that moves.  We can’t wait!


6 Responses to “Hunting for Robins”

  1. sayingthings said

    A cat outside is a happy cat, yes? Do your cats have claws?

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Fences are no match for my cat.
    Just sayin’.

  3. Sandi said

    Not to mention the bylaw that prohibites them from going outside.
    And 6 feet is nothing to a cat!

  4. Terra said

    We have a scaredy cat who doesn’t leave our doorstep let alone our yard, but she is happy to bask in the unfiltered sunlight. Hope your kitties enjoy their new fence!

  5. margene said

    They won’t know quite what to do with themselves, they’ll be SO happy!

  6. Jewel said

    What a great picture!

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