In which there is a triumphant return

February 23, 2017

phone-2016-1181If you don’t slow down and look around once in awhile, life will just pass you by.  Gia is 14 months old now, and my big girl Fia is six.  She is down four teeth and my baby/toddler has 12, working on four more.  She has gotten six teeth since January, which has been painful.  Starting a new daycare, me going back to work, has meant we are thick in the sick all the time cycle.  I listened to someone talk about how sick they were the other day with their sore throat and cough, and quipped “sounds like Thursday around here” which is flippant but oh so true.  Gia has a fever almost every week, Fia has one every month.  My tonsils swell up every week, taking turns as to which side is worse, then the cough, and mucus, mucus everywhere.  Gia is a constant fountain of snot.  Everything is covered in it, even the cat.  Working, commuting, looking after a family, up three times a night, can seriously take a toll on a body, and I am exhausted.  I have no idea when things will get better, but six months after starting daycare is a general rule of thumb.  Then Gia will adjust, and her immune system should be firing on all cylinders.  Once her eye teeth come in, I am hoping she will take a break from teething all the time.  I have put a photo of myself with the girls in this post as a friend has pointed out the importance of having photos WITH your children.  So many are just the kids.  However if I’m not around anymore, what will they have to remember me?  Some photos of me would be a good start.  In the meantime I am striving to be gentle on myself, and not be upset if I don’t do all the things for all the people.  It is time to prioritize, and forget about the rest.  Simple food, make the money, pay the bills, keep on keeping on.  Keeping all the balls in the air is easier if there are fewer balls.  The girls are good, my Roses.  Things are moving forwards, life is full of small pleasures such as the laugh of a baby/toddler as her sister does silly antics to amuse her.  Nobody makes Gia laugh like Fia.

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